Life of Our Lord FREE Video Course

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“The Life of Our Lord” is a free educational video course designed to provide children with knowledge of the major events in Christ’s life. Purchase of the accompanying textbook is optional. The course is written and produced by Jared Haselbarth/Media Haze. It was first developed in 2012 and has undergone several revisions. This last revision makes use of all public domain materials to produce a one-of-a-kind project that can’t be found anywhere else. The course is beautiful, peaceful, and helpful, and has benefited hundreds of families trying to help their children understand the fundamentals of the Christian religion and the life of Christ.

Children who use our program KNOW and REMEMBER the stories from the Gospel and Jesus’ life. Are you, as a parent, accomplishing that goal? If not, get started, to fulfill your responsibility to your children.

Video content is broken up lesson by lesson — over 2 and 1/2 hours of video content. The video features Biblical narration of the Life of Christ set to beautiful sacred art images, and beautiful, reverent songs to help children learn Christian prayers.

Children learn and memorize the events which make up the fundamental Christian history: the Life of Our Lord. From the first annunciations of the angel Gabriel to Zechariah and Mary, to Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven, children become familiar with Our Lord’s life and his main teachings from the Sermon on the Mount using an accessible video format, which can be viewed over and over and over. Children follow along with the narration with their print textbook, and answer the study questions as they learn each event.

Christian prayers are printed in the text as well, which students learn in the best way possible: through music and art. Each prayer is set to beautiful, reverent original music. No goofy, childish, annoying drone songs – but real, peaceful melodies with pleasant male vocals. The prayer songs are set to sacred art. Before long, kids are singing those songs day and night – what better songs for them to be singing than Christian prayers?

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