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Please consider an annual donation to the Catholic Audio Bible.

The Catholic Audio Bible has been delivered daily for more than two years now, for free. I have recorded the entire Bible in audio format and edited the recordings to fit our daily reading schedule — this is no small feat and has obviously taken a significant portion of my time to produce. Each day, I deliver, on average, 30 minutes of biblical content. That’s about 15 hours a month of great, divine content to help you be a better Christian.

Scripture is the will of God

I work at a Seminary and am surprised at the lack of daily Bible reading and severe lack of Bible knowledge among so many, even those studying to become preachers and teachers. An accessible, consistent resource like the Catholic Audio Bible would go a long way to help Christians listen to and learn their Bible again. Scripture is the soul of all theological study, so it is no wonder that there is so much confusion among Christians today. We cannot even speak coherently about what God wills for us as Christians, because we don’t know the Scriptures!

We need to get back to reading and listening to God through the Bible.

I will be continuing publishing the Catholic Audio Bible daily. If you and your family benefit from this work, please consider supporting it with a very affordable annual subscription donation. Supporting this good work will help me.

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Jared Haselbarth
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