The Book of Tobit

tobias (1)“Serve God faithfully and do what is right before him; do what is upright and give alms; be mindful of God and at all times bless his name sincerely with all your strength.”

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The Book of Tobit is one of the most powerful stories ever written. It tells the story of the righteous and charitable Tobit living in exile in Ninevah. Tobit is a man whose holy example should be followed by Christians. He lives a life entirely focused on good works and almsgiving – the spiritual and corporal works of mercy – and teaches his children and grandchildren to do the same. He is scolded by his own people, and even his own wife, for his excessive charity, but he only seeks God’s will. One night he is stricken with cataracts and he seeks help from doctors who, unfortunately, only make things worse until he becomes completely blind. He is left only to pray to God for deliverance.

In a far off land, another holy Israelite named Raguel has a daughter, Sarah, who has experienced great misfortune at the hands of a demon. The demon kills any man who tries to marry her on the night of the wedding – and this has happened seven times to seven different men!

The book then tells of the journey of Tobit’s son, Tobiah, who sets out on a mission accompanied by the trustworthy Azariah – who is actually, unbeknownst to Tobiah, the Archangel Raphael. Raphael directs Tobiah’s journey and guides their way. Tobiah must recover his father’s money which he had deposited with a friend many year’s prior. Raphael reveals to Tobiah God’s will that he marry Sarah – but they must first conquer the demon! The beautiful betrothal and marriage is followed by their happy return to Tobit, whose blindness is healed by Tobit at the direction of Raphael and the power of God.

The book is filled with beautiful prayers, songs, and dramatic dialogue between the families of Tobit and Raguel. The story shows the beauty and goodness of holy family life and directs all believers to follow the will of God unreservedly, trusting in the benefit of his blessings and the guidance of the holy angels and the host of heaven.

This is a great story to read with your children and teach them Christian charity, prayer, and trust in God. Listen to the whole book using these pages on and share with your friends.


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